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Insurance Agency Websites (IAW) offers a wide range of Internet marketing and web design services for P&C agencies, Life/Health insurance agents, and captive insurance agents. We have been working to make agencies more efficient and add new clients for over seven years.

We provide an affordable agency website builder and help you and your agents generate on-line leads for your agency.

We can provide you with a professional website at an affordable price while also providing you with the confidence that we will be here for you today and tomorrow for continued support.

As part of our comprehensive package, we provide complete websites including insurance copy and content, custom quote & customer service forms, e-mail service, and search engine placement.



Agency Website Design Summary

  • A Custom Solution - We provide both custom websites and template insurance websites to fit your agency's budget and needs.
  • On-line Quoting & Insurance Leads - Once you have hundreds of new customers visiting your web site, you need to interact with them. You already know that the visitor is a qualified search engine referral, so further qualify them by providing a way for them to fill out a quote request form? While some of your website traffic may simply be gathering information, others are ready to obtain a quote now (InsureZone™ LEADS 2.0).
  • Prepared Insurance Agency Website Content - No more trying to "find the time" to write your own content. We have proved and accurate content ready. All copy can be edited to your needs.
  • Full Customer Service Center - Complete with routine online CSR forms such as; Auto ID Card Requests, Certificate of Insurance Requests, Change of Address, Change of Name, etc.
  • 45 Page Insurance Resource Center Included - Insurance articles about auto insurance, business insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, safety topics and more.
  • Starting at $19.95 per month, our web hosting and e-mail service plans are reliable, have anti-spam capabilities, and provide lots of features!
  • Advanced website statistics to see your traffic grow.



Real-Time Website Quoting Service - NEW !

InsureZoneProvide real-time rates to anyone in the world 24 hours a day with LEADS 2.0 !   Through a partnership with InsureZone™, Insurance Agency Websites (IAW) now can enable your agency website to provide real-time quoting from multiple carriers to your website visitors. Your agency now gets access to quoting carriers you represent AND those you don't because InsureZone™ contract codes are used. This service does require the agency to be approved as an InsureZone/AgentSecure agent for LEADS 2.0.

We provide a secure environment for the prospects personal data and transactions on every page of our application, which is approved by Starfield. Our systems are configured to provide privacy, integrity, and authentication in Internet communications. The security measures we have taken help ensure that your data is secure and encrypted, so that a third party cannot capture, read or access the information while it is in transit between your computer and the InsureZone™ system.

Available Quote Forms:

  • Personal Auto
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Business Owners

* Homeowners quote form is currently in development.

Participating Carriers:

  • ACE
  • AIG
  • CNA
  • Hanover
  • Met Auto & Home
  • OneBeacon
  • Safeco
  • The Hartford*
  • Zurich

* Hartford must approve an agent receiving quotes from this service under their own contract code.

insurance carriers

LEADS 2.0 Benefits

Saves Time

Each prospect enters their information one time into a simple webpage interface in about 5 minutes and receives multiple proposals (not just premium quotes) within 10 minutes. The prospect's details and quotes are also automatically sent to your agency for follow-up and stored in your AgentSecure Dashboard for quick retrieval.

Increases Productivity - Your 24/7 Online CSR

Quotes multiple carriers in real-time without intervention from the agency. Increased accuracy by eliminating redundant entry. For example, instead of having your producers input a VIN number six times at six different carrier sites, the prospect inputs 5 minutes worth of customer data one time and get quotes from several carriers in about 10 minutes.

Improves Customer Service

Faster, more accurate rate quoting speeds customer response time and satisfaction. After the form is submitted, the proposals are sent to the prospect and your agency. This gives you the opportunity to tell the prospect about your agency, how you have access to multiple national carriers and explain why you recommended the carrier you did.

Improves Agency Close Rates

Improved conversion rate of quotes to policies. Retain prospective customers who would previously “shop around” for the best rate. For example, if a prospective new customer receives a single quote and he will probably want to get more quotes before he makes a decision. However, if you are already providing quotes from other national carriers, he may choose to go ahead and select one of the quotes you have already provided.



Online Insurance Quote & Customer Service Forms

insurance agent quote formsInsurance Agency Websites (IAW) offers professional on-line insurance quote and customer service forms to add to your agency's website. On-line forms provide a convenient channel of communications between your agency and a potential client. This can often be the first step in establishing a business relationship. These forms will be customized to to your website's design and fields adjusted to meet your specific agency needs.

On-line Insurance Quote Forms

By incorporating on-line quote forms, your website will begin generating valuable leads which can be delivered directly into your email and improve your ROI.

On-line Customer Service Forms

Customer Service forms enable you to better serve your book of business by providing online access to routine changes. Customer Service forms help cut down on routine phone calls like, requesting replacement auto id cards or certificate of insurance requests. If a loss occurs in the middle of the night or on a weekend, during "off hours" - your customers will be able to record the details of the loss while it is still fresh in their minds.



Health & Financial

Service Forms

Auto Insurance

Homeowners Insurance


Motor Home

Inland Marine




Boat / Watercraft


Home - Spanish

Auto - Spanish

BOP - Business Owners Package

Commercial General

Commercial Auto

Workers Compensation / Comp

Medical Malpractice

Product Liability


Professional Liability

General Liability



Special Events

Hotel / Motel

Individual Life

Individual Disability

Individual Health

Ind. Long-Term Care


Group  Life

Group Health

Group Disability

Group Long-Term Care

Auto Loss

Homeowners Loss

Business Loss

Vehicle ID Card

Certificate of Insurance Request

Change Request





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Search Engine Marketing

In order to succeed in today's market (nationally, regionally, or locally), you must actively work to gain placement of your website within the most popular search engines. This placement will lead to targeted individuals searching for the products or services you have, which will lead to more insurance quote requests.  This placement can be achieved with Search Engine Advertising (Pay-Per-Click) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Search Engine Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

As you know, search engines return a list of web sites relevant to a person's keyword search. A high ranking in the free (organic) search results is an exceptionally valuable achievement. However, tens of thousands of websites are all competing for a keyword phrase ranking, so it can be difficult to achieve high rankings for multiple keyword phrases.

insurance agentPPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to get your website listed on the results pages of an almost limitless number of keyword phrases and is one of the quickest and most effective ways of promoting your business online. That kind of reach is incredibly powerful.

Many potential advertisers make the mistake of thinking that since they "just ignore the PPC ads" themselves, that others do too. However, as Google's tremendous success and record profits show, many people do see the ads and click on them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

insurance seoThe first step is to identify your target market. Your customers are using different keyword phrases and different search engines to find you, so the goal is to identify the largest volume of qualified traffic. Most agents are licensed in a particular state and want to generate leads for their region only; therefore, targeting keywords like "Georgia health insurance," is better than "health insurance."

Now that you know what keywords and search engines your customers are using, how do you connect with them? After you build a website, it must be optimized for search engines to achieve top rankings. If your site is not on the first two pages of results, you will most likely never be found.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a key component of your Internet marketing strategy. If you're looking for high-ranking, professionally written search engine listing, our ethical and effective SEO techniques will help your chances at landing at the top of the web's major engines.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of boosting and maintaining your website’s position in the (non-paid) results that Internet users see when they run queries on different search engines. As you probably know by now, merely being listed in a search index is not enough to bring new visitors (or customers!) to your website. Your website must rank at or near the top of the search results in order to collect all the traffic that search engines can produce.



Low-Cost Web Hosting & E-Mail

Starting at $29.95 per month, our web hosting and e-mail plans are reliable and provide lots of features! Project a professional image with your own domain name joe.agent@youragency.com.

WebmailInsurance Agency Websites (IAW) understands that your website is critical to smooth communication within your agency and with your clients. Rest assured we’ll keep your website up and running smoothly with a 99.5% uptime. Hosting and e-mail service from Insurance Agency Websites (IAW) is affordable and very reliable. Our e-mail service provides both POP e-mail accounts and WebMail service - where you can check your e-mail anywhere (home, work, on the road) and anytime from the web.

WebMail is an secure online e-mail service that allows you, via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), to check, read, and respond to your email from home or anywhere without downloading any software. Works with any PC, Apple, notebook, or mobile computer. You only need to login to youragency.com/webmail.

Insurance Agency Websites (IAW)'s web hosting and e-mail plans represent your best choice for stability, features, and functionality at a price level that's inline with your agency’s needs and budget.



States Serviced

Insurance Agency Websites (IAW) offer website design and web hosting to insurance agencies located in the following states.









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New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

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West Virginia




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